Success in the carbide industry comes from providing consistent, high-quality products.

Our leading position in the carbide industry is due to the deep experience we have throughout the company in understanding our customers’ requirements, and meeting or exceeding them day after day.


Our high Quality standards have been ingrained and held since day 1 over 20 years ago.

These high Quality standards are maintained through the partnerships we’ve developed with our suppliers.  We truly are partners.

We work with our partners on a Continuous Improvement basis, analyzing and reviewing everything from business systems to production processes. Efforts are always being made to improve product quality and ensure consistency in the products we supply. In addition, audits by Quality Auditors and Six Sigma Black Belts are conducted each year.

Our precision carbide blanks are produced on the world’s most modern production equipment – high-precision automatic presses, extrusion equipment and Sinter-HIP furnaces. Product specifications are monitored using statistical techniques. Ultra-modern and automated production processes ensure consistent, high-quality products, throughout every production run.

State-of-the-art Quality Labs are in place at our headquarters in Hickory, NC.  We have sophisticated Metrology and Metallurgical Quality Labs that verify incoming material and perform advanced testing and analytical services. For a detailed description of our dimensional measurement and metallurgical capabilities see here.

Rest assured when you place your trust with TechMet, you will receive consistent, high-quality products day after day, order after order, year after year.