TechMet has been known for quality carbide since we opened our doors in 1998. Twenty five years later, we’re the leading carbide blanks supplier in North America, and our 50,000-square-foot campus houses the largest inventory of carbide blanks in the world. We’ve leveraged this expertise into indexable cutting tools to give metalcutting shops that same strong competitive advantage.

TechMet at a Glance

25 years of experience and partnership

Founded in 1998

We have 25 years of experience delivering quality carbide products to OEMs and fabricators.

trophy because techmet has largest carbide blanks inventory

#1 in Carbide Blanks

We have the largest inventory of carbide blanks in the world and lead the North American market.


Wherever you are

We provide highly qualified and experienced local service and support to customers throughout North America.

award for superior quality

Superior quality

Our stringent inspections and committed service have earned us a reputation for quality.

state of the art technology

State-of-the-art tech

Our on-site metallurgical laboratory offers advanced inspection, testing and analytical services.

lightning fast delivery truck

Lightning-fast service

We offer same-day shipping on thousands of products.

Our commitment to quality

We work with our partners on a Continuous Improvement basis, analyzing and reviewing everything from business systems to production processes. Efforts are always being made to improve product quality and ensure consistency in the products we supply. Ultra-modern and automated production equipment and processes ensure consistent, high-quality products, throughout every production run. State-of-the-art Quality Labs at our headquarters in Hickory, NC, uphold our exacting standards. Finally, we have sophisticated Metrology and Metallurgical Quality Labs that verify incoming material and perform advanced testing and analytical services. For a detailed description of our dimensional measurement and metallurgical capabilities, click here.

25 years of customer trust