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Carbide Rod Blanks

Carbide Blanks/Carbide Rod Blanks 
carbide rod blanks


Our carbide rod blanks are produced on the world’s most modern production equipment—high-precision automatic presses, extruders, Sinter-HIP furnaces and grinders. Ultra-modern and automated production processes ensure consistent, high-quality rod blanks, throughout every production run.

We offer the broadest range of carbide rod blanks available anywhere, including inch and metric sizes, blanks with coolant holes, ground and unground rod blanks, and preformed rod blanks. Our grade profile features grade TMK-320, the most widely used 10% submicron grade in North America, with an extremely broad application range and exceptional combination of wear resistance and toughness.

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Since 1998, we’ve demonstrated high standards of quality, performance and service. From industry-standard products to specialized and custom items, we're ready to serve.

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25 years of experience

We’ve delivered premium carbide blanks for 25 years, becoming North America’s number-one supplier.

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Premium quality

From annual Six Sigma audits and state-of-the-art production equipment and processes to sophisticated metallurgical quality labs, we’re committed to quality.

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We offer same-day shipping with no minimum order and a 5 p.m. ET order cutoff time—on the world’s largest in-stock inventory of carbide blanks.