Stainless Steel Coolant Lines

These high-quality, precision engineered coolant line solutions improve your grinding and machining operations and help save your most valuable commodity – time!

Rigid and strong, these systems stay where you put them, and keep costly coolant flowing where directed – the lines WON’T droop or sag!

Your grinding wheel life (or cutting tool life) is increased, and machine downtime is decreased.

These coolant line systems:

  • are for grinding, turning and milling machines
  • withstand high pressures, up to 1,500 psi
  • are available in 4 coolant line sizes
  • are incredibly versatile and endlessly adjustable
  • are offered with a broad range of nozzles and accessories
  • can be installed exactly where needed
  • stay where you put them – they WON’T droop or sag!

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Cost-effective solutions that save you time – and money!