Indexable Cutting Tools

TechMet offers a full range of indexable insert solutions to give metalcutting shops a strong competitive advantage. The same Quality, Performance and Value that makes us North America’s #1 Supplier of Precision Carbide Blanks are built into every Indexable Cutting Tool.

Our program features ANSI / ISO turning inserts, Notch-style grooving and threading inserts, laydown threading inserts and a broad assortment of indexable milling tools.

See below for more info and browse our Premium Indexable Cutting Tools Catalog for product details and technical information on our application-specific geometries and grades and much more.

The Catalog features over 700 commonly used, everyday IN STOCK items. We offer Same-Day Shipping on all Catalog items, with no Minimum Order and a 5pm ET order cutoff time. You can be up and running as soon as tomorrow!

Our commitment to metalworking professionals is the same as it’s been to our Carbide Blanks partners for more than 20 years:

  • Premium Performance with Consistent Quality
  • Outstanding Service and Support
  • Inventory Security with Same-Day Shipping
  • The Best Value for Your Production
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TechMet’s turning inserts program has most everything needed to get the job done. Insert shapes, sizes, corner radii – it’s all there, with tested and proven products. There are easy-to-choose finishing / medium / roughing material-specific chipbreakers for both negative and positive rake inserts. All with a full grade profile developed for a wide range of materials and applications.

  • Premium carbide substrate materials
  • Latest CVD and PVD coating technologies
  • Solutions for P, M, K, N and S materials


We offer a full range of ANSI / ISO positive rake turning inserts for aluminum and other non-ferrous materials, in both uncoated and PVD-coated grades. AL chipbreaker inserts are suitable for roughing to finishing applications and feature:

  • Super-positive 25° top rake for extremely low cutting forces and free cutting action
  • Polished rake face for smooth chip flow
  • Ultra-sharp cutting edges


TechMet’s Notch inserts are a high performance / high value solution for Notch-style tooling in shops all over. They are fully interchangeable with standard Notch inserts from other top suppliers.

  • Notch sizes 2 and 3, Right and Left-Hand inserts
  • Grooving insert widths .031” - .189”
  • Threading inserts 60° Partial Profile V-Thread forms


Our IN STOCK program of laydown threading inserts provide excellent chip control and tool life and offer strong performance and value. They fit virtually all supplier toolholders and are available in insert sizes 11, 16 and 22.

  • External and Internal applications
  • Partial Profile 55° and 60° thread forms
  • Full Profile ISO Metric and Inch UN 60° thread forms


TechMet’s high feed milling program has what it takes – high-precision cutter bodies paired with thick, strong inserts in the right grades and geometries for high feed applications. What that means to machinists: extremely high metal removal rates, with long tool life.

  • Diameter range 1.250” – 5.000”
  • 4 cutting edges per insert for maximum economy
  • IN STOCK tooling that saves you money!


Milling inserts are often a big part of the tooling budget in many shops. That’s an opportunity for cost savings with TechMet’s high performance milling inserts. They are fully interchangeable with inserts from other suppliers. See below for highlights and this Product Bulletin for all the details.

  • Square shoulder inserts for R390, 490R and Tangmill F90LN milling cutters
  • Face milling inserts for R245, F4033 and HexaCut milling tools
  • Profile milling round inserts for a broad range of industry cutters
Buy TechMet Indexable Tooling and Put the Savings in Your Pocket!